GUES is the music project of Paul Scheepmaker, a musician from Hoofddorp (North Holland). Paul studied at the Utrechts Conservatorium and the Hilversums Conservatorium. In 1990 he graduated as a classical guitarist, with a minor in jazz.

At the age of ten Paul learnt how to Guitar by himself and he started with writing (rock) music. A few years later he starts recording his tracks. The name GUES originated from this period.

In 1988 Paul released his debut album on vinyl: COME ALONG. This album contains a collection of his own compositions in new wave style, as was common then. All the instruments were played by him. In 1990 he takes part in the "Grote Prijs van Nederland," a Dutch music award.

In the 90s Paul Scheepmaker worked as a session musician at various bands and he regularly appeared on TV.

In 1988 Paul decides to stop being a session musician and to focus on his own music in conjunction with his guitar lessons service (since 1990).

Recording for the album ONE starts in 1998 and takes 4 years. All instruments were once again played by himself. The CD was released on 9 october 2002. The album contains seven of his own compositions and five tracks of, among others, The Living Colour and Gary Moore.

The videoclip GET OFF MY BACK has been on YouTube since 2012 and in 2014 the album ONE is made availabe on stremaing services. At the and of 2014, the live clip SEPARATE WAYS is also released on YouTube.

In 2015 recordins are made for a new rock / rap album. The target release of the album is in 2021.

In 2019 the remastered version of the debut album COME ALONG is rleased. The track FEELS GOOD is released on youtube in 2020.

In 2020 all singles from GUES are released on streaming services: Steppin' Out (1988), Get Off My Back (2003), Gotta Get Up (2014), Feels Good (2020).

On the 1st of july 2022 the new album from GUES called '17' is released on all streaming services.


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The twelve tracks that can be listened to on 'One' - of which most were composed by himself - have mostly been recorded in the small studio in the attic of his home. There he let himself be inspired by the musical greats, like Gary More and Led Zeppelin.


Differing company around Paul Scheepmaker (graduated classical guitarist, now multi-instrumentalist / componist from Hoofddorp), whom is comfortable in the rock of the past forty years. Seven of his own compositions, plus brave covers of - among others - Gary Moore, Van Halen and Living Colour.

Headache Magazine

The tracks are rock/metal oriented with a small side step into classical and funk. The singing is done by four singers, of which the singing from Joost Hoogerwerf I enjoy the most, he sings in two covers: 'Cult of Personality' from Living Colour and the very well played 'Right Now' from Van Halen.

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What immediately demands respect for One is that the multi-instrumentalist Paul Scheepmaker has played almost everything himself.